Newsletter on 11th October 2010

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Newsletter on 11th October 2010

Year End Examination
The Year End Examination will be as follows:

International Section
Years 1 – 4 : 26.10.2010 – 29.10.2010
Years 5 – 7 : 26.10.2010 – 29.10.2010
Year 8 : 19.10.2010 – 22.10.2010
Year 10 : 21.10.2010 – 29.10.2010

Private Section
Primary 1 – 6 : 26.20.2010 – 29.10.2010
Forms 1 & 2 : 25.10.2010 – 29.10.2010
Forms 4 : 18.10.2010 – 29.10.2010

The Form 3 students will be given a week’s break from the 25th to the 29th October and class will resume on 1st November.

New Teacher
We would like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Shalani and Mr. Mason who joined us recently at Sri Ara. We hope they will have a pleasant time working here.

Farewell to Mr. Roslan
We would like to thank Mr. Roslan for all his effort and contribution to the school. Mr. Roslan has embarked on a new career in the business world. His presence will be missed by all at Sri Ara. He is helping his brother with the family business. We wish him all the best in his future undertakings!

Sri Ara Annual Concert
Our school concert will be on Friday, 19th November. Practices for the concert will be on going as soon as the exams are over.

Deepavali Holidays
The school will be closed on Thursday and Friday, 4th & 5th November for the Deepavali celebration. Happy Deepavali to all our Hindu students and parents.

We would like to mention our students who have done well and achieved Credits and Distinctions in the last assessment by UNSW. The following students received: –
Distinction : Primary 6 – Angelica Joy De Guzman
Credit : Primary 4 – Ashvin Sivakumar, Foong Wai Tuck
Primary 6 – Ashvini Sivakumar
Form 5 – Nur Rhinayatul Fitriah Mohd Kamal
Year 5
– Jasem Al-Bala’a
Year 10 – Amin Matin, Sina Hossein Pour

Congratulations to you! All other candidates received participation. Please do not be disappointed and give up. Keep trying and you will succeed.

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