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Why Choose Johor Bahru?

About Us


A Friendly, Caring Atmosphere: A Disciplined, Purposeful, English Language Learning Environment.

We provide two curricula, the British based curriculum heading towards International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) under Cambridge International Examinations and the other is the National Curriculum with emphasis on the English language that leads to the Malaysian Schools Certificate. Our programs start in January but children are admitted throughout the year. English is the main medium of instruction throughout the school.

Welcome to Ara Schools

We are located in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, only 5 kilometers from the causeway connecting JB to Singapore. Though we are just near the middle of the city and close by the new Danga Bay Waterside development, you will be impressed by the large garden surrounding the charming, old world buildings in such quiet surroundings.

The premises are within old colonial bungalows commissioned by the late Sultan Sir Ibrahim for his senior British Administration officers. These colonial bungalows provide a unique character to the school environment. The bungalows are spread across 6 acres of low density greenbelt area in the central business district of Johor.

Our Mission

To develop each student to his/her fullest Potential producing an educated
and caring Individual who is adaptable, creative and Innovative
with a zest for living a full, Productive and meaningful life
whilst Contributing his/her best to family, Community and country.

Our Core Values

Be able to distinguish right from wrong
Have moral integrity, honesty and sincerity
Have care and concern for others
Be able to make friends and get along with others
Have lively curiosity about things
Be enterprising and innovative
Be able to think for and express themselves
Possess a broad based foundation for further education
Takes pride in their work
Have cultivated healthy habits
Have an appreciation for aesthetics
Love, honour and believe in their country

At Sri Ara Schools, we have a team of keen and dedicated teachers and support staff that is able to encourage your child to stretch and discover his or her potential, through his or her own achievements; thereby enabling him or her to gain self-confidence. Our teachers fully realise that each child is unique, and are trained to handle each child as an individual.

We encourage the children to be active, responsible and also to take leadership roles in the student body. The Students’ Representative Council is the body to oversee the wellfare of the students community as well as plan certain events for the students to make the school an enojoyable place for all of them look forward to.

School hours on Monday to Thursday are from 8.00 am to 3-15 pm. On Friday 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. Extra-curricular activities are after school hours from Monday to Thursday.


Ara SchoolsThe school was formed due the overwhelming support from expatriate and Malaysian parents who had been with our Chairman, Puan Nooraini Mohd. Yasin, since she was heading the International School of Johor.

Ara is the Malay name for the Ficus Benjamina tree, commonly known as the Weeping Fig or Benjamin’s Fig. This tree is found all over the area of the school compound. The school is set in an exclusive residential area amidst luscious greenery conducive for a unique educational environment providing peace and tranquility.

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