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Why Choose Johor Bahru?

Sri Ara Private School

Sri Ara is a private English medium school, following the Malaysian National Curriculum; that helps children meet the challenges of the future.

About Sri Ara Private School

At Sri Ara, we continually assess our educational standards with the aim of ensuring that your child has truly the best educational experience that they can attain.

We adopt standards that clearly define what your child needs to know to be able to succeed in school, at higher and tertiary education, in his or her future workplace and in life. We monitor and manage their educational progress through continuous assessments throughout the academic year. We also offer internationally accredited assessment programmes, such as the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools.

About Sri Ara Private SchoolWe believe that a well structured and balanced educational programme is essential to ensuring every student’s holistic development – we place great emphasis upon developing and realising their true intelligence and emotional skills. (IQ and EQ) Apart from ensuring the adherence and compliance to the Ministry of Education’s curriculum, we have a well structured unique alternative education programme.

Our low student-teacher ratio enables children to develop a unique relationship with their teachers, thus forming a healthy student-teacher relationship providing a source of inspiration and guidance throughout their schooling at Seri Ara. This allows for a more individualised channel of communication, and an invaluable point of reference to each child’s overall academic development and well being.

Our non academic programme consists an extensive range of extra-curricular activities (ECA). Among the list of extra-curricular activities are chess, taekwando, badminton and home science.

School hours on Monday to Thursday are from 8.00 am to 3-15 pm. On Friday 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Extra-curricular activities are after school hours from Monday to Thursday.

At Sri Ara, we have a team of keen and dedicated teachers and support staff that is able to encourage your child to stretch and discover his or her potential, through his or her own achievements; thereby enabling him or her to gain self-confidence. Our teachers fully realise that each child is unique, and are trained to handle each child as an individual.

At Sri Ara, we encourage the children to be active, responsible and also to take leadership roles in the student body. The Students’ Representative Council is the body to oversee the wellfare of the students community as well as plan certain events for the students to make the school an enojoyable place for all of them look forward to.

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