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Why Choose Johor Bahru?

Why Choose Johor Bahru?

Over and above the benefits that children enjoy as students at Sri Ara, there are many good reasons why Malaysia (and especially Johor Bahru) represents an ideal environ in which to educate your child and bring up your family.

As examples:

  • • We don’t suffer natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis;
  • • We don’t suffer the additional man-made threat of an over-reliance on nuclear power generated electricity. We have NO nuclear power;
  • • We enjoy an extremely affordable lifestyle with a cost of living that is approximately half of that in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and London;
  • • According to the cost of living indicator, Singapore is 94% more expensive than Malaysia with Sydney 100%, London 96% and Tokyo an enormous 140% more costly!

But we’re not in Kuala Lumpur (300kms to the North), we’re in Johor Bahru.

So, why should you consider Sri Ara and JB instead of the Capital city?

There are many, many reasons why JB arguably trumps our better known Northern neighbour:

  • • It’s a booming environment, one of the fastest growing cities in this part of Asia, primarily because of the Iskandar Project.;
  • • Several globally renowned International centres of educational excellence like Monash, Newcastle, Southampton and Reading Universities are establishing brand new campuses here;
  • • There are many brand new tertiary and specialist college;
  • • In other words, education in the widest sense and the availability of facilities and resources in currently exploding! (plus…)
  • • Residential property is plentiful and still relatively cheap;
  • • Traffic! Daily congestion is a massive headache for every KL resident. No matter where you want to go, you pay toll fees and yet, it’ll still take forever to get to your destination;
  • • Not so in JB. Sure, we have traffic and sometimes there are jams but it’s not an all-day, everyday scenario as it is in and around the Capital;
  • • Furthermore, there has been massive infrastructure investment in the past three or four years, primarily reflected in a huge improvement in the road network. A drive into the city from one of the prime residential areas that took 45 minutes a year ago now takes just 10 minutes (compare that to commuting from the suburbs into Tokyo, Sydney or London!);
  • • Our proximity to Singapore means that you enjoy the best of both worlds living here. You could work in Singapore (and earn a Singapore salary), yet pay JB prices for your home, school fees and golf club membership;
  • • But you can go the other way too. An hour from home in JB and you’re on Orchard Road, the commercial heart of Singapore and one of the most prestigious shopping locales in the World;

In short, whilst not claiming that JB is perfect because nowhere is, it’s a place that you should definitely consider if the idea of moving to and living in Malaysia appeals.

And of course, if your children need a focused, well-rounded International education in a small, caring and yet disciplined environment, Sri Ara is just one phone call or an e-mail away! [Contact Us Page]

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