Chairman’s address – November 2011

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Chairman’s address – November 2011

Sri Ara Schools Dinner & Concert

Unity in Diversity
By the Students of Sri Ara

Dear Parents & Students of Sri Ara Schools,

Yet another year has just flown by and it seems at lightning speed! We can hardly stop to take a breather and before we know it is time for the Annual Dinner Concert once again and for me to sum up the year.

The year, 2011 has had its fair share of ups and downs. The “ups” were endorsement of the Sri Ara International School by the MOE and good results from last year’s 2010 Form Five students, Shamine Iznina and Year 11 students, Pretasheeny who scored a distinction in Accounting whilst Shamine had distinctions in Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and English.

This has been followed by Distinctions from Thulasie of Form 3 and Saki of Year 6 for the English Assessment from University of New South Wales.

Once again, our students have scored distinctions in the practical papers for Art at the National O-Leval equivalent or SPM for 2011.

Congratulations to students and well done teachers!

To cap this, the approval and certification by Cambridge International Examinations to become a CIE school and carry the logo, is definitely a feather in our cap.

Our school is always packed with events and it is never mundane. From the beginning of the year right to the very end, activities are planned around the academic timetable. Once the exams are scheduled, we pack the rest of the year with events to ensure we live up to our goal,

Developing Leaders Each One At A Time.

Our Philosophy has always been and still is that the students from Sri Ara Schools should be well-rounded students. Each student is like a diamond in the rough.

“To Be A Face in the Crowd or To Be the One the Crowd Faces”

screamed at me from a billboard advertised by another school in another country not too far away. It struck me that this IS the type of student we produce! And it is our underlying philosophy of work hard and play hard that works wonders with our students.

Besides developing their academic abilities, we always strive to ensure that students develop leadership by learning to take charge of their lives and develop the confidence they will need to carry them into their future. Throughout the year both teachers and students work hard at academic studies, developing social skills all the while.

As they go through the school they learn responsibility, develop creativity, planning and organizational skills, respect for others, teamwork, and how to balance their lives. These skills are needed more and more today than ever before.

They are not learnt from books but by taking active part in all the activities planned throughout our calendar. Our programme is designed to encourage both left and right brain development bringing out the ability of the individual to think laterally, out of the box problem solving and to know right from wrong.

It never fails to fill me with pride when I see once “naughty” students become top scorers, or once shy students stand up to say a few words in front of an audience, act out a part, sing a song or perform a dance as it takes not ony the practice but courage and confidence to do so.

This year has not been any different with the Annual Motivation Camp, National Day Celebrations, Telematch Day, Primary and Students Representative Council Trips, being the main activities. In addition to these this year, there was the Fund Raising for the Japanese Tsunami Victims. Our students raised just over RM7,000/ – that was handed over to the Johor Branch of the Red Crescent.

Sri Ara students went all out and three groups entered the Dance Contest. I am pleased to say one of our teams made us proud when they were awarded with the Best Dance Concept!

Still on the spirit of caring and giving, traditionally over the years Sri Ara students through the Student Representative Council have contributed to various charitable organizations paying a visit to a selected group every year. This year the students will be visiting Pusat Kebajikan Orang Istimewa in Kempas. The organization is a home for the abandoned ranging in age from 20 to 50. Our students will bring groceries and some songs to lift their spirits a little.

At this time, the biggest and most heart wrenching “down” is having to say goodbye. This year it is especially hard as we say goodbye to the batch of students we have not just taught but nurtured over the years. They comprise Mohamed, Suhali and Khalifa who have already left for Dubai and those who are currently sitting for major exams in the form of the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia and the International General Certificate of School Examination O-Level Papers, Form V and Year 11.

On behalf of all the team I would like to bid farewell and wish all the best in the future to Alia (joined in Primary One), Mohd Syakir (joined in Primary Two), Long Shang (Primary Four), Hajar (Primary Six), Yee Tene (Form One), Len, Hana, Sina (Form Four and Year Ten) and finally Khadija and Harris who joined at the start of this year. Also to Aaron who returns to the Philipines to go on for further studies.

Every teacher I have spoken to has expressed their sadness at the thought of saying goodbye to you all!

During your time with the school you have each developed your individual strengths. You are confident, creative, courteous, caring and compassionate. These are the 5 ‘C’s or carats of Sri Ara Students and I am confident they will carry you, like the students before you and those that will follow, well into your future lives.

Like the Ara or Banyan tree that grows from a weed into a massive strong Banyan tree, never forget you are part of a big ever growing “family / community” that of the Ara Tree. Always carry the Ara name with pride wherever you go!

I am sure you will join me to thank the team of staff and teachers both full and part-time, for the hard work put in over the year. The camaraderie always gets better and better!

Last but not least, I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the students, parents, families and friends for their support and effort toward making our school and its family / community spirit strong!

Yours sincerely
Nooraini Md Yasin
Chairman, Board of Governors

SPECIAL THANKS to following supporters:-

Our Most Sincere Appreciation
Parents, Teachers and Students
Sri Ara Schools
The Management

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