Newsletter on 16th January 2015

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Newsletter on 16th January 2015

I would like to wish a warm welcome to everyone to the Academic Year of 2015.

Whilst everyone was on a holiday, the Administrative Office and Maintenance Staff have been busy preparing for beginning of our academic year. However, no matter how long we have it always seems that the time is upon us and there are still things that are not as we would like it to be. Nevertheless, it is always great to open the doors and welcome everyone back to another packed and exciting year ahead.


The school calendar has been prepared very extensively to ensure the broadest possible development of all our students so we would like to remind everyone that all events are not optional and it is expected of everyone to take part. It is available on the website. If you have not received a copy though, please pop by the office and request for one.


Sri Ara Schools is a Cambridge Approved Centre and as of the beginning of 2015, we are now a certified provider of the Cambridge Primary Year Programme. This enables all our teachers to access a comprehensive website of resources to support their teaching covering each stage of the Cambridge Primary Programme. Of the several international schools that have sprouted over the past six or seven years, we will be the third in Malaysia and the first private school in the whole of Johor to offer this programme to our students.

The Cambridge Primary Year Programme is a separate programme and is at a hefty additional cost. However, they will provide your child a clearly defined progressive programme that leads from primary to secondary and pre-university years in the core subjects for English, Mathematics and Science. Each stage builds on the learner’s development from the previous one and provide a strong platform for learners to progress from one stage to the next. The programme will be integrated into both sides of the curricular. As a parent you can be assured your child is receiving an excellent education that will be recognized anywhere in the world.


As it is the beginning of the school year, we open with the rules and regulations of the school to inform the new and remind the older students.

Each student is issued a Rule book and we would also like parents and caregivers to go through the Rule Book with your child/ children, even though the teachers will have done so in the first week of school. This is to enable all parents and caregivers to be aware and to help your children to ensure that they abide by school regulations.

Finally, we welcome parents’ involvement in their children’s development and progress. However, in order for the school to do its job, all parents should not be in school after the bell rings until the end of the school day at pick up time.

For the first week of school, we appreciate some concern where new students are involved. However, kindly be reminded that from next week onwards parents should not be in school during school hours. We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Parents may want to discuss your children’s progress in order to see how to help your child through the year. You are most welcome to make an appointment with teachers through the school office. These can only be arranged after school and on days that the teacher is not running an ECA.

Appointments with the Management, DOS and Principals are not restricted to these times and should also be arranged through the office.

Wishing everyone a Good Year Ahead.

Yours truly

Nooraini M Yasin

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