Newsletter on 5th April 2011

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Newsletter on 5th April 2011

Dear Parents & Students

Charity Drive

We are proud to announce that the students collected about RM612.60 from the ‘Mufti’ held last week.  This included donations by some of our parents.

The main event for the charity drive for the Japan disaster fund will be the Food & Funfair and Jumble Sale, this Saturday 9 April.  It will be a replacement day for the school so attendance is compulsory.  Students will have to be in school by 8 am and go home at 3 pm.

We urgently need parents and students to help with this event. More specifically:

  • We need donations of clothes, books, toys or anything else you have lying around that we can sell. It won’t be much of a sale if there is nothing to buy or sell. Cash donations would be more than welcome too of course!
  • We need volunteers, parents who can help running the event on the day. Whatever you can do, we really need your help. Please advise the school office about your availability as soon as possible.

We are hopeful of a very healthy turnout as several hundred ‘flyers’ have been distributed and posted in restaurants, cafeterias and shops. Your help would therefore be very gratefully accepted!


For safe and easy collection of funds, coupons will be issued for this event.

Tax Exemption for Contributors

Proceeds will go to the Malaysian Red Crescent Johor Branch’s fund and will be given directly to the International Red Cross for the Japanese Tsunami Victims.  All donations to this charity will be exempted from tax under this fund.

Motivation Camp

We have just got word from the Endau Rompin Park authorities that a bridge had collapsed and is undergoing repairs.  We will not postpone the camp as yet since the authorities had assured us that the bridge will be ready by then.

Parent-teachers group meeting

In case anyone has forgotten, the next parent-teachers group meeting is due to take place this Friday morning, the 8th April at 0830 at the school. Please do your best to attend because this is your group.

Good Friday

We would like to inform you that Friday, 22 April is Good Friday and it will be a school holiday.

UNSW Science Assessment

The first assessment by the UNSW which is Science will take place on Tuesday, 26 April at building No. 23, after break.  Ms. Mirandah is the teacher in charge and she will be arranging your sitting positions, so please move quietly to No. 23 for your assessment tests.

SPM examination results

Congratulations and Well done, to our students who sat for the SPM examination last year. Shamine had scored 4As and 4Bs, Rhina 2As, 2Bs, Zaimah 2As, 2Bs, Wee Chong 1A, 2Bs and Panca 1A, 2Cs.

Thank you.

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