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Parent-Teachers’ Group Info

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15th January

Dear Parents

We would like to take the school forward and in order to do this, it is important to involve parents as well as children. We are therefore planning to put together a Parent-Teachers’ Group, an informal once-a-month gathering where everyone can give their views on improving the school.

However, this will only work if parents want it to. Therefore, if you are interested in being involved in such a group, could you please provide us with your name and contact number and available day and time to meet on the form provided and hand this to the administration office as soon as possible.

Newsletter on 14th January 2011

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14th January

Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome back to school!

School Calendar

Attached please find the school calendar for 2011. Please note that some of the dates are tentative and may be subject to change. Please take note of school activities added in as these will be considered extra school days to replace extra days given at certain religious festivals.


This year’s ECA list is also attached. Please fill these in accordingly and return them to the school office. Kindly note the days your child/children will be taking an ECA and the respective times that your child/children will be released and inform the respective transporters. All children should have been picked up by 5pm as the office will close and cannot be held responsible for the children after this time. The exception is for badminton days, which will finish at 5pm and the children to be …

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