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Testimonial from Mrs. Sivakumar

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17th June

I have 2 children who have been students at Ara Schools since they were in Standard 1. Ashvini Sivakumar has just completed Year 6 and Ashvin Sivakumar has just completed Year 4.

The first time my husband and I walked into this school we loved it. The environment and surroundings, the students and teachers were all so cheerful. It was so different from the conventional schools that we were used to. This school has an excellent concept of small classes that help nurture each child as an individual, to excel in his or her own way and bring out the best potential in each student.

The school itself, within its walls has helped nurture, support, challenge and encouraged each student in various ways to excel in different activities be it in music, dancing, sports and public speaking.

The teachers at Sri Ara dedicated …

Testimonial from parent

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17th June

The 11 years of basic tertiary education is coming to an end for my son Ahmad Izkarnain . For those who are not aware, Ahmad Izkarnain or fondly called Iz by his school mates joined the school since he was 7 years old and come what may, this year, Iz is now in his final year in Sekolah Sri Ara.

Looking back over the years watching Iz grow, as his parents we are more than glad and thankful that we have chosen the right and also the best school for him. The transformation he has undergone till now would not be a reality if not for the outstanding help and support from the school and its dynamic management team.

At Sekolah Sri Ara, we discovered that learning is all about having the passion for achieving all-round excellence in education. It is characterized …

Parent-Teachers’ Group Info – March 2011(AMENDED)

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6th March

As mentioned in an earlier post, the second Parents-Teachers group meeting took place on the 3rd March.

Thanks to those parents who made an effort to turn up.

There were enough attendees to elect a committee (although we still want MORE PARENTS to attend because it’s YOUR group, people) but we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

The full minutes of the meeting – assiduously collated by Puan Fatimah (for which, thanks are due) – will be published in due course.

In the meantime, please be aware that a newsletter will be on the way to all parents later this week (i.e. between 7-11 March).

This will contain a short précis of the meeting covering the major points that parents need to be aware of.

We need your feedback on some of these issues to ensure that the decisions we take are agreed by the majority. …

Parent-Teachers’ Group Info

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26th February

The new Parent Teachers group met for the first time on February 11th, 2011. You can read the minutes here!

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 3rd March at 08.30am. All parents are invited to attend.

Parent-Teachers’ Group Info

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15th January

Dear Parents

We would like to take the school forward and in order to do this, it is important to involve parents as well as children. We are therefore planning to put together a Parent-Teachers’ Group, an informal once-a-month gathering where everyone can give their views on improving the school.

However, this will only work if parents want it to. Therefore, if you are interested in being involved in such a group, could you please provide us with your name and contact number and available day and time to meet on the form provided and hand this to the administration office as soon as possible.

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