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Restricted Access

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18th October

In light of events that occurred both locally and internationally whereby security was breached with serious consequences as in the kindergarten in Muar. The Ministry of Education has suggested security be increased and flow of people be restricted.

As a consequence, we will be restricting access to everyone. There will be no access to school premises to anyone including parents from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm Mondays to Thursdays; and 8.30 am to 2.50 pm on Fridays from the beginning of next term i.e. January 2012.

We hope that you will prepare your children to adjust to this by then. Once again, this is for your own child/children’s good and we would like everybody to comply.

Newsletter on 28th July 2011

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2nd August

Dear Parents & Students,

Public Holiday

Please note that Monday, 1 August is a public holiday. There will be no ECAs for the month of August with effect from Tuesday, 2 August. We will notify you before the ECAs are to resume. Please arrange for your transporters to pick up your children early as the office will be closed by 4pm at the latest for the month of August.

School Security Regulations

In the light of recent developments both at the school and in other parts of Johor State – most specifically the dreadful hostage situation that occurred in a school in Muar – the staff and management of Sri Ara schools have recently conducted a review of our safety and security procedures.

Everyone at Sri Ara is proud of its reputation and our ability to run a fairly relaxed establishment. At the same time …

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