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Testimonial from parent

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17th June

The 11 years of basic tertiary education is coming to an end for my son Ahmad Izkarnain . For those who are not aware, Ahmad Izkarnain or fondly called Iz by his school mates joined the school since he was 7 years old and come what may, this year, Iz is now in his final year in Sekolah Sri Ara.

Looking back over the years watching Iz grow, as his parents we are more than glad and thankful that we have chosen the right and also the best school for him. The transformation he has undergone till now would not be a reality if not for the outstanding help and support from the school and its dynamic management team.

At Sekolah Sri Ara, we discovered that learning is all about having the passion for achieving all-round excellence in education. It is characterized …

Testimonial from student

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16th June

I enjoyed my time in Sri Ara and there were so many memories that were made there but let me make this short and simple:

I gained leadership equalities through the SRC (Student Representatives’ Council)
A spirit of camaraderie with my mates that lasts more than 5 years since we have left the school and gone our separate ways
Being involved with the SRC gave me ample opportunities to plan events for the school and interact with the other students
Maintained a balance between the extra-curricular activities and my studies
A conducive environment and teachers who gave extra classes for us to achieve excellent results
Teachers were always available for us to talk to and seek advice
We were friendly to even aliens; secondary students would sit and have lunch with primary students, and older students would be seen playing football with the really young students
Classes were …

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