Testimonial from Mohamad Syakir Idraqie Ahmad Zakii

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Testimonial from Mohamad Syakir Idraqie Ahmad Zakii

For the past 10 years that I’ve been in Sri Ara, I have never felt so comfortable around everyone. I originally placed in a public school for a year and half and I dreaded it. But when I found out my parents were pulling me out and enrolled here, I’ve never been that happy as when I was brought to Sri Ara School (previously the Tun Dr Ismail School), I was thrilled. Everyone was very hospitable.

Sri Ara is a small school. That is what makes it great and different from any other school. It’s a school where everyone knows each other. Everyone knows everyone else’s names. No one is a stranger there. So far as I know, all the students are very happy to be in Sri Ara. They are very lucky. It has a homely feeling and the environment is so different. It’s secluded and surrounded by greenery. The students can study in peace and without disturbances. The teachers on the other hand are very experienced. Mr. Patrick Tan, Ms. Sarina, Mr. Edward, Mr. Jacob, Ms. Teresa, Ms. Audrey, Ms. Amirah and Mr. Mason who have all taught me. I am who I am today because of them and my parents. They’ve taught me so much and I want to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart including Puan Nooraini who has been a great mentor.

It has been an honour to have served as the Student Council’s president. As a group, we achieved so much in 2011. We had our annual Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebration. The fundraising event for the Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims which the school managed to raise over RM7,000, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, we visited the historical city of Malacca, our school concert which to me was the greatest ever between the pass concerts held and finally we visited the home for the gifted which the school donated numerous items such as food, money and clothings.

I’ve made the greatest friends in Sri Ara. We’re all going on our own path. I’ll always remember the laughter as we go our separate ways, but there’s so much we’re learning and we can’t be afraid. Although we may reject that we are. There’s a world outside our door and perhaps some obstacles in our way that we will overcome.

And now, it’s been a decade and I still cannot believe that my school days are over. I’m very happy and excited and scared at the same time to enter this phase of my life. Although I’m rather sad to leave Sri Ara but it’s a big world out there. I’m going to find out who I am and I’m not to be afraid of it. If it weren’t for Sri Ara, I may not even dare to step out from my house.


February 2012

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