Testimonial from Mrs. Cowan

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Testimonial from Mrs. Cowan

This is my daughter’s 6th year and the 3rd year for my son at Sri Ara International School. When we start sending my daughter to this school, there were not many choices for non Malaysian children in Johor Bahru.

In the last few years, we have seeing more new schools coming into town. Some parents decided to shift their children to new school from here as their facilities are all new & modern, they looks organized and most parents believe that more children in class enhances their ability of education and communication skill.

What I hear from some of those parents and children recently… They are missing so much of the things that they enjoyed in Sri Ara, a school that has something very special to offer…

This ‘something’ is the thing that binds us to this school.

When you first visit Sri Ara, you will be impressed by the large garden surrounding the charming, old world buildings. Within these buildings, there are always lots of activities taking place such as Cultural day, Tele-match (sports day) and Teachers day.

This is one of the beauties of Sri Ara, I think. The environment and ethos of the school plus their constant program of interesting extra curricular activities, such as Taekwondo, Dragon dance club, Team building motivation camp, SRC’s activities such as fundraising will encourage your child to become more sociable and cheerful.

Whilst they are not perfect, they still have a lot of charm. To start with, class sizes are small – 5 or 7 kids is the norm – so all students are guaranteed personal attention. And it is obvious to see how this small class size is working well for my children’s academic level.

To conclude, I believe that Sri Ara offers considerably more than most other International schools. By going beyond normal classroom learning, and trying to teach the children social skills, co-ordination, the good habits of concentration and caring and respect for others, I believe that the school is doing an excellent job of preparing the children properly for a full and rounded future.

Mrs. Cowan


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