Testimonial from Mrs. Ota

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Testimonial from Mrs. Ota

It was 5 years ago when we moved to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur. My daughter started her schooling at the Garden International School in KL. The Garden school has a long history with a good reputation and has more than 1,200 pupils. My daughter was very happy to go to school every day and as parents we were satisfied with their organization.

When we choose Sri Ara International School as her new school at her Year 5, we had a good impression about the school environment and staff but we had some disappointment for the differences of class size and facilities.

However, despite our worries, she started to change for the better in a very short period.

After a few months, a mother of her classmate in KL who knows my daughter well for three years mentioned to me how impressed to see my daughter’s English level is increased.

From that moment, it didn’t take us so long to realize that her character started change as well.

At Garden, she was a happy child but never tried to express herself to others. She was encouraged to put her hands up three times in one class but she was too shy to do so.

At Sri Ara, as they have small number in a class, she is constantly asked questions directly and when she answers, not only the teacher but classmates listen to her and they also reply.

After all, I believe that this dynamic made her confident, good with communication skills which automatically increased her English level as she speaks more.

Nowadays, I hear sometimes she goes to office to make some complains when she feels something need to be discussed. This really makes me wonder if she could do this if we were in KL for all these years.

With friends, teachers and office staff, Sri Ara helped my daughter to be confident and active in many ways. She is really comfortable and happy to be there.

Mrs. Ota

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