Testimonial from Mrs. Sivakumar

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Testimonial from Mrs. Sivakumar

I have 2 children who have been students at Ara Schools since they were in Standard 1. Ashvini Sivakumar has just completed Year 6 and Ashvin Sivakumar has just completed Year 4.

The first time my husband and I walked into this school we loved it. The environment and surroundings, the students and teachers were all so cheerful. It was so different from the conventional schools that we were used to. This school has an excellent concept of small classes that help nurture each child as an individual, to excel in his or her own way and bring out the best potential in each student.

The school itself, within its walls has helped nurture, support, challenge and encouraged each student in various ways to excel in different activities be it in music, dancing, sports and public speaking.

The teachers at Sri Ara dedicated and very encouraging. They are the main pillars of the school and through their encouragement and support the students are encouraged to think “out of the box” and come up with brilliant ideas to make learning more fun. They are strict on discipline, but they are also friends and confidantes to the students.

The cultural diversity that is seen in Sri Ara is an experience that one would never get in other schools. Students of all races and religions are good friends with each other. There is so much respect for each others culture. The best part is that everyone knows each other and no kid is a stranger to the other. All new kids are made welcomed the moment they step in. All students regardless in Primary or Secondary are there to help one another and teamwork is excellent. This is best seen at camping day and also the excellent show that is done for the end of the year concert!

This school has definitely brought out the best in both my children making them well focused in life, responsible and very determined young individuals.

Thank you very much Sri Ara for giving them an experience that they will always cherish and remember. They will definitely miss the school and the good friends they have made all through the years and the teachers who made learning fun. Your guidance in role modeling would definitely make them steadfast in their future undertakings.

I would like to wish Sri Ara all the best in the future.

Yours Sincerely,
November 2010

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