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Why Choose Johor Bahru?

Testimonial from Mohamad Syakir Idraqie Ahmad Zakii

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4th March

For the past 10 years that I’ve been in Sri Ara, I have never felt so comfortable around everyone. I originally placed in a public school for a year and half and I dreaded it. But when I found out my parents were pulling me out and enrolled here, I’ve never been that happy as when I was brought to Sri Ara School (previously the Tun Dr Ismail School), I was thrilled. Everyone was very hospitable.

Sri Ara is a small school. That is what makes it great and different from any other school. It’s a school where everyone knows each other. Everyone knows everyone else’s names. No one is a stranger there. So far as I know, all the students are very happy to be in Sri Ara. They are very lucky. It has a homely feeling and the environment …

Testimonial from Mrs. Ota

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19th July

It was 5 years ago when we moved to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur. My daughter started her schooling at the Garden International School in KL. The Garden school has a long history with a good reputation and has more than 1,200 pupils. My daughter was very happy to go to school every day and as parents we were satisfied with their organization.

When we choose Sri Ara International School as her new school at her Year 5, we had a good impression about the school environment and staff but we had some disappointment for the differences of class size and facilities.

However, despite our worries, she started to change for the better in a very short period.

After a few months, a mother of her classmate in KL who knows my daughter well for three years mentioned to me how impressed to …

Testimonial from Mrs. Cowan

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19th July

This is my daughter’s 6th year and the 3rd year for my son at Sri Ara International School. When we start sending my daughter to this school, there were not many choices for non Malaysian children in Johor Bahru.

In the last few years, we have seeing more new schools coming into town. Some parents decided to shift their children to new school from here as their facilities are all new & modern, they looks organized and most parents believe that more children in class enhances their ability of education and communication skill.

What I hear from some of those parents and children recently… They are missing so much of the things that they enjoyed in Sri Ara, a school that has something very special to offer…

This ‘something’ is the thing that binds us to this school.

When you first visit Sri Ara, …

Testimonial from Mr. & Mrs. Sukumaran Letchumi

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17th June

Ara School has given both my sons an excellent education in small classes with individual attention to my kids needs, opportunities to try new things in a safe environment and a community of parents who believe in the schools mission.

There is no doubt my son got a good education at Sri Ara. In addition to opportunities to excel, he also gets a chance to participate in a range of activities he doesn’t have to be the best in order to be valued.

What I cherish at Sri Ara is that it’s an excellent place for children to learn to work together and help each other regardless of any age group or where you are from. It’s a beautiful environment which we will always cherish and remember.

Mr. & Mrs. Sukumaran Letchumi
November 2010

Testimonial from Mrs. Sivakumar

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17th June

I have 2 children who have been students at Ara Schools since they were in Standard 1. Ashvini Sivakumar has just completed Year 6 and Ashvin Sivakumar has just completed Year 4.

The first time my husband and I walked into this school we loved it. The environment and surroundings, the students and teachers were all so cheerful. It was so different from the conventional schools that we were used to. This school has an excellent concept of small classes that help nurture each child as an individual, to excel in his or her own way and bring out the best potential in each student.

The school itself, within its walls has helped nurture, support, challenge and encouraged each student in various ways to excel in different activities be it in music, dancing, sports and public speaking.

The teachers at Sri Ara dedicated …

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